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Atlantis Thermal imaging is a Toronto based thermographic consulting and Energy Management Evaluation services company.
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Thermal imaging can find electrical faults where wiring is over-heating. It can also provide an excellent picture of problem areas in overheated equipment and appliances.

Switchboards and control panels also have faults that can’t be seen by electricians. Electrical thermal imaging is the most efficient way to detect faults, hot spots and loose connections. By identifying inconsistent temperature variations on any given surface or electrical component, we can help prevent any unscheduled system shut downs.

Detailed list of services provided by Atlantis Thermal Imaging:


  • Air leaks
  • CMU Quality Assurance
  • EIF Installation
  • Energy Auditing
  • Grow Homes
  • HVAC and Plumbing leaks
  • Insulation Deficiencies
  • Low Slope (Flat) roof leaks
  • Moisture (Mold) Detection
  • Termite Detection


  • Faulty components
  • Improperly installed devices
  • Load imbalances
  • Loose connections
  • Mismatched components
  • Over tightened connections
  • Overloaded circuits


  • Bearings
  • Belt Misalignment
  • Ceased Brake Calipers
  • Clutches
  • Conveyers
  • Couplings
  • Gears and Gear Boxes
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Pulleys
  • Shafts
  • Steam Traps
Over heated electrical and mechanical components could be dangerous and cost you money.
Avoid life threatening situations (such as fires) and down-time due to equipment failure.
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