Atlantis Thermal Imaging
Atlantis Thermal imaging is a Toronto based thermographic consulting and Energy Management Evaluation services company.
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Welcome to Atlantis Thermal Imaging Services

Atlantis thermal imaging is an infrared inspection company providing residential and commercial building envelope, flat roof, electrical and mechanical infrared inspection services to customers in the Greater Toronto Area.
A large amount of problems show uncharacteristic thermal signatures, before actual breakdown.  By detecting these areas with an infrared camera, you can prevent most unscheduled equipment shutdowns and identify potential electrical problems leading to higher utility bills and devastating electrical fires.
For the performance assessment of your buildings electrical and mechanical systems – Atlantis Thermal Imaging is your best bet!
You want to conserve energy

You are buying and need to discover hidden problems that the seller may not even know exist

You are selling and you want to show the buyer that you have made every effort to prove the structure is free of defects prior to the sale

You have recently purchased a residential or commercial building. Survey to reveal defects before your warranty expires.
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Infrared thermography enables us to see and measure heat. All materials on earth emit heat energy, in the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Thermographic or simply thermal images allow us to see thermally revealing anomalies that in turn identify problems in the residential or commercial buildings, flat roofs, electrical and mechanical components.
In addition to the thermal images, the infrared camera can also record temperatures measurements of target objects. The points of possible interest show up clearly as hot or cold in relation to their surroundings
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